What is HemoStyp®?

HemoStyp is a patented hemostatic agent registered with the FDA to help control bleeding. It is bio-compatible sterile gauze that produces hemostasis in seconds when applied to a cut or open wound.

HemoStyp contains no harmful chemicals, additives, or animal by-products and can be easily removed with saline, or left in the wound to be absorbed, without compromising coagulation.

HemoStyp is available in multiple configurations and sizes to help control most types of bleeding including: cuts, abrasions, and lacerations; nose bleeds; dental surgeries; post dialysis treatment; and punctures.

A Force of Nature

HemoStyp is an all-natural hemostatic product that is formulated from oxidized regenerated cellulose. Cellulose molecules are found in the cellular structure of virtually all plant matter, which makes cellulose one of the most abundant organic compounds on earth.

HemoStyp is cellulose from cotton fiber. Cellulose from cotton fiber is the purist form of cellulose found in nature. Because of its purity and the fact that it degrades rapidly into biocompatible end products (glucose, water), it can be fully absorbed into the body and promotes wound healing.

Our oxidizing process makes HemoStyp a safe, effective, all-natural solution for rapid bleeding control.