Terms of Sale

All orders are subject to acceptance by United Health Products, Inc. (UHP) at its principle offices in Colts Neck, NJ. Acceptance of an order is subject to credit approval, product availability, and ability of UHP to deliver.

No order for less than $100.00 in the aggregate will be accepted unless prior approval is obtained from UHP. Any order for a particular item in a quantity less than the minimum quantity of that item established by UHP will be deemed an order for that minimum quantity, and shall result in an obligation of Customer to pay the full price therefore if delivery in such quantity is made by UHP.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Customer agrees to pay the list price in effect on the date of delivery, provided that, if the list price is increased after an order is placed but before delivery, Customer is given an opportunity to adjust or cancel. No independent sales rep of UHP has the authority to change any prices or terms established by UHP.

All applicable sales, excise and similar taxes shall be added to the purchase price.

Shipment shall be F.O.B. UHP facilities, in standard packages or multiples thereof. In the event that product modifications or product discontinuations occur after placement of the order, but prior to delivery, UHP reserves the right to deliver substantially equivalent or superior product. All transportation charges, including demurrage insurance, and extra shipping, handling, or storage charges, shall be paid directly by Customer or added to purchase price. As used in these Terms and Conditions of Sale, 'delivery' means possession of the goods by Customer or carrier, whichever occurs sooner, and 'carrier' means common carrier, contract carrier, or the US Postal Service. Loss of, or damage to, goods after delivery shall be the Customer's sole responsibility. UHP reserves the right to make product delivery in installments as products become available. Delivery dates are approximate and delivery shall not commence prior to four (4) weeks from receipt of purchase order unless prior arrangement is made between UHP and Customer.

Customer shall remit the purchase price net thirty (30) days from invoice date. Partial shipments will be billed as made. NO CASH DISCOUNT OR ANTICIPATION DISCOUNTS ARE ALLOWED. UHP reserves the right to require payment in advance or upon delivery depending on Customer's credit worthiness. Interest will accrue at a rate of 1 1/2% per month on all invoice amounts not paid within the specified terms of sale. Interest charges will compounded monthly until all past due balances are paid in full.

UHP products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase provided Customer adheres to all recommendations pertaining to use and storage. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and given in lieu of all other warranties including warranties for merchantability and fitness for any purpose, whether written, oral, or implied in fact or in law.

No claim by Customer, under the above warranties or otherwise, shall be effective unless notification is sent to UHP within ten (10) days of delivery of the goods against which the claim is made via postage paid certified U.S. Mail or other mutually verifiable means of delivery, and only if the Customer does not resell the goods. Customer's exclusive and sole remedy for defective products shall be replacement thereof by UHP with comparable product or the issuance of credit against account, in each case at UHP's option. UHP does not, in any way, guarantee the merchantability or resale of its products and will not under any circumstance accept the return of non-defective goods without prior written approval by a duly authorized UHP representative. In the event such an authorization is granted, a twenty (20) percent handling and restocking fee will be charged to Customer and all transportation charges, including insurance, and extra handling or shipping charges, will be paid directly by Customer. 

UHP shall not be held responsible for any failure to perform due to unforseen circumstances or caused by events beyond its reasonable control. IN NO EVENT SHALL UHP BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. No cancellation of any purchase order placed with, and accepted by, UHP shall be recognized or deemed legally binding unless notification is sent to UHP thirty (30) days prior to shipment via postage paid certified U.S. Mail or other mutually verifiable means of delivery.

Placement of an order by Customer or acceptance of any shipment of goods listed in a current UHP price list constitutes agreement by Customer to these Terms and Conditions of Sale as the only terms and conditions applying to the purchase and sale of the identified goods. No addition to, deletion from, or modification of any of these provisions shall be binding upon UHP unless made in writing and signed by a duly authorized UHP representative or in accordance with a published UHP policy applicable to such order and in effect at the time UHP accepts such order. UHP hereby objects to any buyer terms and conditions contained in any purchase order or other document submitted by buyer.

This contract shall be construed under and governed by the State of Nevada.