United Health Products, Inc. (UEEC) was formed to develop, produce, and market proprietary wound care products. Our core technology is a hemostatic gauze that provides the means to quickly control bleeding from open wounds with a cost effective, high efficiency product.

This innovative technology is derived from regenerated oxidized cellulose and is marketed under the trade name HemoStyp®. It is an all natural hemostatic agent registered with the FDA to help control bleeding from open wounds and body cavities. HemoStyp® will produce hemostasis in just seconds when applied to an open wound and is safe and easy to use.

HemoStyp® is available in multiple sizes and configurations to suit various market segments and, in a healthcare sector shifting toward providing high quality care at affordable cost, offers an appealing alternative to higher priced competitive products. In addition to general military and civilian applications, the company has recently introduced Hemostyp® to the sports medicine, veterinary, dental surgery, and dialysis markets.

UEEC's CEO, Doug Belpate, has over 30 years of experience in the medical device and wound care sectors. He leads an experienced executive management team with the proven ability to develop, integrate, and grow brands within the healthcare industry. Under Mr. Beplate's leadership the company will focus primarily on market expansion, distribution, customer service, and brand awareness through:

• New contracts and strategic partnerships
• Effectively targeted marketing and advertising
• Sales excellence
• Outstanding customer support
• Key acquisitions and
• Innovative product development

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Dial-in Corporate Update

On April 4, 2017 United Health Products held a dial in conference for shareholders, potential shareholders and those seeking to learn more about the company. Douglas Beplate CEO and Louis Schiliro Director of Manufacturing discussed the company’s current events and provided insight into the 2017 business plan. The audio portion can be accessed using the player above. A transcript of the event is available by clicking on the PDF icon below.

Tobin Smith Interviews
CEO Doug Beplate


New Products United Health Products SEC Filings

We have added new configuations of our patented hemostatic gauze to our product line. The products were developed to address the specific needs of new market segments and of our existing customers, including the U.S. Military. The new products include:

Dental Gauze for oral surgery,

Two island dressings to support intravenous procedures and

Adhesive bandages utilizing HemoStyp® hemostatic pads. HemoStrip™ Adhesive Bandages and Boo Boo Strips™ Adhesive Bandages.

We expect tangible contributions from all of these products as well as from the cumulative effect of an expanded product line. We will continue to identify and develop new products and configurations as we explore new markets and inundate existing ones.

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 12/31/2016  10-K  Annual Report
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 12/31/2015  10-K  Annual Report
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 12/31/2014  10-K  Annual Report
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