At United Health Products Inc., we develop, produce, market, and service innovative wound care products based on our proprietary hemostatic gauze technology. Our technology is marketed as HemoStyp® Gauze, but is also available to customers with customized private labeling.

We are customer driven. We distribute both internationally and support our customers with products and ideas that will enhance their ability to improve the health and care of the people they serve. Our company is based in Westbury, NY and our common stock trades in the over-the-counter market on the OTC-QB under the symbol “UEEC.”

The fundamental principles guiding the development of HemoStyp® Gauze will remain a constant. They define our commitment to developing products that function the way they are intended, are manufactured to the very highest standards, achieve benchmark levels of performance, and inspire confidence with their use.

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Corporate Address
10624 S Eastern Ave, STE A209
Henderson, NV 89052

Publicly Traded

Manufacturing//Distribution Faciities
Niwot, CO
Hainesport, NJ
El Segundo, CA

Market Segments
Trauma, Dental, Dialysis, Veterinary Medicine

Henderson, NV – October 21, 2014 – United Health Products Inc. (OTCQB: UEEC) announced that its Canadian distributor Medicom® has placed an initial sampling and stocking order for the US and Canadian Dental Markets.  Medicom®, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with operations in over 50 countries, is a globally recognized manufacturer and supplier to the Dental and Health Care Industries.

Military Protocol Swine test

United Health Products Inc. will be conducting a series of tests next week at Spring Valley Laboratories, a military approved GLP compliant CRO research facility. The purpose of the tests is to evaluate the efficacy of HemoStyp® Trauma Gauze in an uncontrolled hemorrhage environment. The test will be performed on swine to simulate wounds associated with battle and injuries sustained from accidents. Representatives from various agencies including the US Military have been invited to attend. The results and findings of the test will be presented in a white paper and published.