Board of Directors
Robert J. Denser: Director
A director of the Company since November 2014, has over the ten years has assisted federal and state agencies, first responders, EMS agencies and hospitals with their planning and procurement of the necessary medical equipment needed to be adequately prepared for any type of natural or man-made disaster Mr. Denser's background experience also includes direct access to key decision makers within the VA hospital system, as well as federal and private disaster response agencies, like FEMA and the Red Cross, that are on the front lines of any disaster.
Nathaniel B. Knight III: Director
An accounting professional with more than 34 years' experience in setting up and directing accounting departments, system reviews and financial reporting and analysis for public and private corporations and small businesses. Expertise includes tax preparations, automated general ledger accounting systems, audit management, and training of staff.

Served as Chief Financial Officer of Medspring Group, Inc., a privately owned medical device company, from 2004-2010. From 1978-2004 Mr. Knight served as President and CEO of Four Corners Financial Services Inc in Moab, Utah, where he performed public accounting for small businesses, professionals, non-profit organizations, and local government. Mr Knight also served as County Councilman for Grand County, Moab, Utah (4 yrs) and as a Board Member for the Grand County School District, Moab Utah. (9 yrs).